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Syrentis Clinical Research is dedicated to conducting clinical trials in a professional and ethical manner. We are a multi-specialty clinical research institute which conducts clinical trials with an emphasis in CNS disorders (Alzheimer's Dementia, Major Depressive Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety Disorder, Insomnia) as well as Diabetes Mellitus, COPD, Peripheral Neuropathy, Cardiovascular Disease, Fibromyalgia, Hypercholesterolemia, Hypertension, Chronic Pain, Endocrine disorders, Metabolic Syndrome, Claudication, PVD, Birth Control, Dermatologic disorders, and new drug delivery systems including vaccines, inhalers, injections, and topical patch systems. Our goal is to ethically benefit both the sponsors and subjects of every clinical trial.


Contact our experienced ethical staff at 714-542-3008

Syrentis Clinical Research is equipped with advanced on-site devices including:

Sophisticated equipment and facilities

Our research database includes over 12,000 volunteers, and we have access to over 4,000 patients from our physicians’ private practices. We are affiliated with local clinics serving the Hispanic community, as well as clinics that serve the low income and underserved populations of Orange County.

A wide and diverse clientele for quality results

An exceptional partner to our sponsors

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- Centrifuge - standard and refrigerated

- Electrocardiogram

- Pulmonary function testing

- Double locked pharmacy

- Crash cart

- Defibrillator

- On-site phlebotomy

- On-site laboratory

- Remote temperature monitoring

- Dedicated Infusion room

- Gynecological exam room

- Conference room

- Large patient lobby

- Dedicated monitor rooms

Local affiliations

- Two in-patient psychiatric hospitals

- Three major hospitals

- On premises open MRI facility

- Nearby PET facility

- Nearby phlebotomy services



- Minus 20  

- Minus 70  

F freezer


F freezer