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All clinical trials present many benefits, both to individual patients, and to medicine as a whole. Studies that involve patient reactions, however, also pose significant risks. You should always discuss both the benefits and risks of studies and clinical trials with the clinic and doctors performing them.


Benefits and risks of studies are a vital concern. Call 714-542-3008 to discuss both with us.

The overall purpose of clinical studies and trials is research. Syrentis Clinical Research follows strict scientific standards to ensure accuracy and efficacy of results at all times. By the time we start a clinical trial, we've already finished a long and careful research process, and are at a point where we feel a trial will be both safe and beneficial. We're happy to discuss the potential benefits - and the risks - in patient involvement.

Scientific standards

While taking part in a clinical trial may have many benefits, there may be risks inherent in participating as well. At Syrentis Clinical Research, we care about every participant, and we're sure to cover any and all potential benefits and risks one on one with them. We're not only concerned with results, but with the quality of the study - both for the patient and for medicine. We'll do whatever we can to protect both.

Quality and safety

We're both happy and obliged to discuss all the benefits of studies or clinical trials. Many benefits may help both you the patient, and medicine research in general. But the risks need to be carefully considered as well, to ensure a healthy and beneficial outcome for both parties.

Syrentis Clinical Research is open about benefits and risks of studies

Understand the benefits and risks of clinical trials

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